"Secret Service" - Blue Network - Great Plays - March 10, 1940. Onslow Stevens, Helen Claire, Alice Frost, Harold Vermilyea, Ruth Gilbert, Robert Walker- Author: William Gillette - Civil War Mystery/Drama

"Shopworn Angel" - CBS - The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre - October 2, 1944 - Laraine Day, Robert Walker, Adolphe Menjou - Broadway Star falls in love with a soldier.

"The Milky Way" - Blue Network - The Harold Lloyd Comedy Theatre (aka The Old Gold Comedy Theatre) - February 18, 1945 - Harold Lloyd (host), Robert Walker, James Gleason, Eve Arden, Nat Pendleton - Story of a milkman who becomes a (reluctant) boxing champion.

"Champagne Furlough" CBS - Kate Smith Hour - March 2, 1945

"Vivacious Lady" CBS - Theatre of Romance - October 2, 1945 - Robert Walker, Lurene Tuttle, Frank Graham (host) - A botany professor from a small town impulsively marries a New York chorus girl.

"Johnny Comes Home" - NBC - The Cavalcade Of America - October 22, 1945 - Robert Walker, Marsha Hunt, Louise Erickson - A veteran returns from war and searches for a new life in his home town.

"Penny Serenade" - CBS - Theatre Of Romance - November 27, 1945 - Robert Walker, Cathy Lewis, Gerald Mohr - Story of all the trials and tribulation of a marriage (adapted from the film of the same name).

"Gift of the Magi" - CBS - Request Performance - December 23, 1945 - Robert Walker, Maureen O'Sullivan, Jeanette MacDonald, G. I. Jill and Kay Thompson - O'Henry story about love and sacrifice.

"Little Boy Blue" - Mutual Network - Family Theatre - April 1, 1948 - William Gargan (host), Jeanne Crain, Robert Walker, Virginia Gregg, Bob Purcell, Ralph Moody, Tony Doras - The story of the poet Eugene Field and the inspiration for his famous poem, "Little Boy Blue."

"Clarence" - CBS - Theatre Guild - June 15, 1947 - Robert Walker in the Booth Tarkington classic.

"A Thief in the Night" Mutual Network - Family Theatre - May 20, 1948 - Robert Walker, Harry Davenport, Louise Arthur, Gail Bonney, Bob Purcell - The story of a forgotten hero. The main characters are a drifter and a judge.

"Wedding Morning" - CBS - Hallmark Playhouse - December 15, 1949 - James Hilton (host), Frank Goss (announcer), Robert Walker - Comedy about the most important day in the life of a couple in love.

"Get That Picture" - Treasury Department - Guest Star - March 12, 1950 - Robert Walker, John Conte, Harry Sosnik and His Orchestra, Johnny Bradford. A newspaper photographer is assigned to get a picture of a recluse.

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